Sunday, March 23, 2014

College Girl Inc.: How To Be Stress Free During Midterm Season

Midterms! What can I really say about them other than it is stressful part of college life and we all go through it. Right now, I have one Midterm to finish and I'm not ready for it but I know I will do do well. I'm always stressed out when it comes to Midterms and I know I'm not the only one either. But do not fret, because I have some ways to make your Midterm season, a very smooth sailing season.

1. Most of people don't do this but it is very helpful, listen to music. Either music you like but not the type of music that distract you. Me, for example, I love to listen to Soca and Reggae music because it works for me and it gets me pumped up to study. 

2. Study Buddies are very useful and reliable to use...utilize it to the best of your abilities. Working in groups makes the workload less stress because you are around people who have one goal, to pass. You make sure your cool with people in your class, get their contact information and set up a Study Buddy date just to study.

3. DO NOT STUDY ON YOUR BED!!!! The worst thing to do is study on your bed because you will not get anything to done because you WILL fall asleep. Trust me, I've been through this plenty of times when I start to study or even when I do homework. Find a place that is comfortable, like a desk, a dinner table or you can even study in school (In a quiet area because loud areas are not the best!) It will avoid you sleeping on yourself. 

4. EAT A SNACK OR FOOD!! You cannot study on an empty stomach. I've tried it before and NO it does not work at all. You have to be functionally and functioning without any food in your stomach is the worst thing to do. Make sure you have a decent snack or reasonable food to eat in your system. Food is like our gas and our body is our car, when a car runs out of gas it means it's time to fill up. So EAT!!

5. Always make sure to talk to your professor when it comes down to your midterm. To make sure you are studying the right things because you don't want to be that person when you study and it was completely wrong. The professor is there to help you and to refresh what's on your study guide. 

6. Remember GET A GOOD NIGHT'S REST. You want you eight hours or more so you can be completely refresh when it come to your Midterms. You don't want to come to your exam looking like death, run's not a great look. You want to be refresh and ready to kick this Midterm in the butt. 

7. BE CONFIDENT. You got this! Smoothing words also work so that the workload doesn't stress you out. Be confident, you own this Midterm, not the other way around.

I hope this helps you out, even though most of you guys finished with Midterms, us in NYC are now in Midterm season!! There's always next semester, you know that you will be prepared and confident in your exams. 

How do you stay stress free during exams?


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  1. I agree with number three, studying in bed can make you feel the need to be complacent.