Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday's Pick of The Day: iPad Air

I've always been a big fan of the Apple iPad, something I always wanted for a very long time. When the first generation iPad came out in 2010, I was really interested in getting one but you know parents, they are not going to spend so much money on something so big...and it was big. The only thing I didn't like about the first generation iPad was they didn't have a camera on it, until the second generation iPad came out with the camera on it...they got my attention again.
The one I really wanted to get was the iPad Mini because of it being portable and easy to put in your bag without it adding weight to your bag. Until recently, the iPad Air came out in 2013, I was in love!! With it's slick and thin look and weightless feel of it...I was determined to get it. I was very happy when my dad brought me one as a birthday gift because I really needed one for school, because I hate using my laptop because it's so big and it weighs a ton on my shoulder. Me, being a English major and a blogger, I needed a portable piece of equipment and that's where the iPad Air comes along. 
I have the iPad Air 16GB with WiFi for T-Mobile and since I've had it I always use it for school and to write my papers for class it's very helpful. A lot of my friends asks what app I use to write my papers for school, I tell them it's a new app from Apple called Pages. 
 Apple's Pages App

That's the app I use to do my homework and papers for my classes, it is very useful. I also use other apps to write my blog, do other school work and etc.  Another app I use on my iPad Air is the iMovie app, I use that to make my YouTube videos because I don't have a MacBook so I don't know any good software to do my video editing...if anyone know a good video editing software for my PC, it would be greatly appreciated.
After using my iPad Air for almost a month, I can honestly say it is worth it, it's even better to have it from your Cell Phone provider it might be a little cheaper to get then getting it from the Apple store. Because when you get it from the Apple store you don't get the WiFi that is attached with it but you do get the Internet, of course. My iPad Air is more of my notebook than a device since I use it for all my classes and also to do my blog posting. 
iPads are just a good investment to have just like a laptop, so you would be investing in something well worth it. 


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