Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Music is A Gateway to your Heart, and to your Soul"

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Hey Everyone,

It felt so weird that haven't written since Thursday, a lot did happened from Thursday to Now. As of right now I'm just listening to music to clear my head of negativity and just be peaceful. Trying to get myself mentally prepared for school next week, I can't believe I'm on step closer to graduating. I'm so happy!!

Currently listening to music on my Kindle since I just added new music to it. I miss writing, like 4 days is such a long time but there are days where you just want to listen to music and cut off the world around you and just you and the music and today is just that type of day and honestly, I love it. I actually miss doing this, just spend a day and just listen to music and forget the world around you and it's just you and the music.

Jamming to music...in my Harry Potter shirt...chill time.

When you are home and you don't want to so anything, what do you like to do? What type of music you like to listen to? Do you find music to be a peaceful thing? What do you do for a peaceful thing? What makes you forget about the world around you?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Day of School: College Fun

College Fun

Wow I can't believe that I'm back in school in 2 weeks and I can't wait for all the new things to come for the spring semester. I came up with an outfit that I would wear for the first day of school. 

1.Old Navy Womens Pop Color Blazers - $37
2. Tory Burch Amanda Riding Boot
3. Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Infinity Loop Scarf - $68
4. Julia Failey Personalized Monogram Bracelet -$95
5. White Blouse With Oversized Point Collar And Belt Buckle Cuff - $41
6. FOREVER 21 Sandblasted Skinny Jeans - $23
7. Fossil Ladies' Riley Style Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch - $135
8. Space-Dyed Cable Knit Hat - $1.99
9. BaubleBar Medium Monogram - $105
10. Ray-Ban Vintage Round Jackie Ohh Sunglasses - $150(I own this.)
11. Lilly Pulitzer Charmed Bracelet - $19
12. 2013 Lilly Pulitzer Monthly Planner - $16
13. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote - $145

This would be the typical outfit I would wear for my first day back for the spring semester. I like classy with a pop of color. If you are in school, what is type of outfit you would wear for your first day back in school? Would your outfit reflect your style?


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PGTC Healthy Kick: Workout Fun Time

Since a new semester is starting and my family are planning our fourth cruise in October, It's time to shape up. So it's time to get back on a healthy kick. I need to hit the gym soon. With that being said, this would be the typical look I would go for when I start going to the gym again.
As most of my friends know I LOVE HELLO KITTY so of course, I know how to style my Hello Kitty things. My look is NIKE x Hello Kitty a cute look to exercise in. I have to plan on days that I can make sometime to hit the gym at my college. I need to start making a exercise schedule for my week. I have Zumba for my Wii but I want to try different and stick to it. When I was a freshmen in college, my form of exercise was Cheerleading, which you have to stay fit because you are doing a lot when you Cheer. But I haven't done Cheerleading in a long time, so I need to find another way to exercise. If you go to the gym, what do you usually do? Do you use Zumba or anything else to keep you energize?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

PGTC Style Watch: My Birthday Outfit

Hey Everyone,
I can't wait for my birthday celebration weekend to be with my friends and cousins. It's a three day celebration filled with fun and drinking a wild fun. We trying to have a hungover weekend without a hangover reaction, seriously. So I already came up with an birthday outfit for when we go out to the club/lounge in Manhattan because the city is fabulous place to go to celebrate for your nice outing or if you want to celebrate for your birthday. Now my outfit comes from favorite store, Forever 21. It's a gorgeous outfit and nice look something like this has to be worn with elegance and grace, like the fabulous Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
This is the look I'm going for as my birthday outfit. I need to get the YSL nude lipstick to complete my birthday look because that's right shade that I need for my birthday. The look I'm going for is style and grace, a nice baby pink color with a hint of rose gold to add to it's beauty. Looking for a nice way to bring out the birthday celebration on the right foot. What are you going to wear for your birthday? What style you plan on going for on your birthday?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

PreppyGirl DIY - Friendship Bracelet

Hey Everyone,

One thing I love to do is DIY (Do It Yourself) because you get the feel to have your expression within your work. One thing I always wanted to do is a make a friendship bracelet for the someone who is close to you, or a family member who is like a best friend to you. It's something that you can hold dear to your heart and you can make it in different ways using different fabric or beads. This is how you make a friendship bracelet courtesy of HonestlyWTF.com.

DIY Friendship Bracelet

You’ll need:
  -embroidery thread
  -a safety pin or tape
  -a pair of scissors

Start by cutting several strands of embroidery thread at about 24 inches each. Make sure there are two sets of each color. Combine the threads and tie a knot, leaving at least 3 inches of slack. Tape it to a flat surface or safety pin it to a pillow. Separate the two sets, arranging the strands in a mirror-image pattern with the outside strands the same color and so on moving inwards.
Start on the left side with the outermost color (shown here in red) and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the 2nd color, loop it under and back through the opening.
Pull up and to the right to tighten. Make the same knot twice over each color. Continue knotting over each color, towards the right, until the outermost color has carried over to the middle. This is one half of the chevron pattern.
Now pick up the outermost color on the right side (show here in red) and make a backward knot, creating a reverse 4-shape over the 2nd color, loop it under and back through the opening. Pull up and to the left to tighten. Don’t forget to knot twice over each color!
Continue knotting towards the left until the outermost strand reaches the middle. Tie a backwards knot with the two middle strands to connect the two halves. Did you remember to knot twice? The first chevron row is complete! Continue with the the next color, which is now the outermost strand . . .
Remembering the color order is important for the first few rows but after the 3rd or 4th row, the strands will fall nicely in place. Finish it with a knot and a braid.
For a striped bracelet, cut one set of colors and simply carry the outermost color all the way through to the right side. For an assymetrical chevron, mix the colors when dividing them into 2 sets. Be sure to count the number of strands so you know when to stop in the middle each time. For an embellished bracelet, take a small piece of rhinestone chain, glue it to the top of the bracelet and stitch embroidery thread between each rhinestone with an embroidery needle.

I plan on doing this DIY soon for my best friends. This would be a great gift to give them as birthday gift. When hopefully if I'll be able to do it soon. Hope you all try it out and show pictures...I would love to see how you did your friendship bracelets. Have you try to do make any friendship bracelet for your friends? What did you use to make them? Do you have any tips on how to make a friendship bracelet? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

PGTC Drink of Choice: Cosmopolitan (My Birthday Drink)

Hey Everyone,

The first time I tried a Cosmopolitan was in 2011 with my best friend in the city. We was celebrating my last final and I really wanted to go out and drink. I always wanted to try a Cosmo since Sex and The City was on the air. I was huge fan of the show especially Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York. Now for my birthday, I know this is the first drink of choice because it's my favorite drink. If you never tried a Cosmopolitan and want to try it for a Girl's Night In or Even having a Movie Night at your house, here is the recipe to make a Cosmopolitan courtesy of drinksmixer.com.
10 oz vodka (1 oz)
5 oz triple sec (1/2 oz)
5 oz Rose's® lime juice (1/2 oz)
5 oz cranberry juice (1/2 oz)

Shake vodka, triple sec, lime and cranberry juice vigorously in a shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass, garnish with a lime wedge on the rim, and serve.
Now this serving is if you are serving for 10 people...if you want to make a Cosmopolitan for yourself, the amount is in parenthesis to make 1 serving of the drink. If you want to make it for different amount of servings, go to the website: drinksmixer.com and you can put the servings in and it will give you how many serving to make. I can wait to get this drink for my birthday, but I have to be classy when I get my Cosmo because it will get you a little tipsy if you put a lot of liquor in it.

*Just remember you have to be 21 and older to drink, Unless you live in another country and the drinking age is a little younger.

Hope you all try it out and Enjoy. 


Birthday Fun - Day 1 Birthday Wish List Part 1

Hey Everyone,

As some of you might not know, My 25th birthday is coming up next month. I'm so excited to realize that I'm hitting the middle of young adulthood. This year will be more different than my previous birthday celebration. I'll let you know this week.
Well starting today until next week, I will be doing a Day of birthday fun to start my birthday month on the right foot. This is Day 1- My Birthday Wish List Part 1, where I give my wish list of things I want to get or plan on getting for my birthday.
Some of these things are inexpensive while some stuff might be a little expensive. 

Here's my birthday Wish List:
1. Longchamp Personalized Le Pliage Tote - $145
2. Lilly Pulitzer 17 Month Large Agenda - $26
3. Reb'l Fleur by Rhianna Eau de Parfum Spray - $50
4. MAC Viva La Glam Nicki Minaj Lip Stick - $15
5. iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi - $100
6. Lilly Pulitzer Kaleb Dress - $88
7. LL Bean Tote Bag - $25
8. Tory Burch Nappa Leather Reva Ballet Flats - $198
9. 18k Gold Plated Monogram Necklace - $50
10. Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler With Straw - $15
11. RayBan RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses - $200

And this is only part 1, I really hope I get some of these things in my life right now. I really hope that my birthday actually goes off with out a hitch because this is something that is very important to me. My birthday is exactly 45 days and My birthday celebration is 42 days away. I really can't wait to have fun with my friends and family and take lots of pictures. :) When is your birthday and What do you plan on doing? Also what's on your birthday wish list?


Thursday, January 10, 2013

PGTC Style Watch: Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote

Hey Everyone,
So I been looking at this bag for a while and I plan on asking my parents for this as a birthday gift. The Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote is such a fabulous bag and I DO plan on getting it. Longchamp is a French handbag company that was founded by Jean Cassegrain in 1948. By 1955, it had expanded to include small leather goods and By 1980, the founder's son, Philippe Cassegrain, took control of the company and started making more things for the company, for example, scarves, accessories and clothes. In 1993, Longchamp made the Le Pliage line, a collection of foldable travel bags made of vinyl and leather trim. Its popularity has allowed the Longchamp brand to different places, including the United States.

Now Le Pliage is a very popular bag and with its varieties of bag sizes many people are getting these fabulous bags. The prices ranges from $100 to $145 and comes in sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Longchamp Le Pliage Mini Fold-Up Tote -$100

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote - $125

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote - $145

If you are interested in this bag and want to know more about the Le Pliage bag check out Sarahbelle93x (One of my favorite YouTube Guru)'s latest video talking about the Longchamp bag down below.

SarahSpills -Longchamp Le Pilage Totes

If you wasn't sure about getting the bag, watch videos, do research, and even read people's comments about the bag to see if your sure that this tote is the right one for you. I'm convince that this is the tote for me and I know I will love it when I get it for my birthday. Do you have a Longchamp Le Pilage tote? Do you like it? What do you use it mostly for?


PGTC Music Playlist: My Top 5 Favorite Songs on My iPod

Hey everyone,

Now I'm a big huge fan of music and I don't discriminate when it comes to music. So this week, my iPhone and my Kindle has been calling me all week because of all the great songs I was listening too. So here is my top 5 songs that I was listening to on my iPhone.

1. Cherrywine feat. Amy Winhouse - Nas

2. Feelin' Single - R. Kelly

3. Scream & Shout - Will.i.am & Britney Spears

4. The Lady in My Life - Michael Jackson
and my #5 favorite song is....

5. Adorn (Ted Smooth Remix) - Miguel

These are the songs I been listening to for the past two weeks. Most of them have been on repeat (I'm a chronic music repeater lol!) But if I love the song a lot, I will play it a lot. Especially when I need a stress release, my music is what keeps me grounded even when I'm studying for exams and finals! What is your top 5 favorite songs on your playlist? What songs keeps you grounded when you most need it?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What School Supplies Will You Bring To School?

Hey Everyone,
School is just around the corner and usually some students buy new things for the spring semester. Some use binders while other, like myself, use notebooks like Five Star. The essential things that you need for school are: A planner, A notebook, Pens, Folders and either a laptop or tablet (depends on if your professor don't mind you having it.).
1. Lilly Pulitzer Pen with Highlighter Set - $12
2. Five Star Notebook (1 subject to 5 subject) - $5.00 to $11
3. Lilly Pulitzer 2013 Planner - $16
4. Hello Kitty Pencil Case - $20
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Tablet Book - $98
6. Kindle Fire 7" 8GB - $139 or Kindle Fire HD 16GB - $200
7. iPhone Chevron Case - $35
8. Jack Wills Coselton Pouch -$12
9. Lilly Pulitzer Sparkle Tote -$44

These school essentials will bring some POP to your school semester. If you love color like I do, then these colors will fill you up and keep you focus in school and any extracurricular activities or anything else dealing with your life. What do you bring to school? What is your typical school supplies?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to School: PGTC Edition

Hey Everyone,

Now we all know that school is back in session for some people, for those who are back in school...welcome, for other who are not in school, like my self, are still enjoying our winter break. I know when I start a new year or new semester, I have a new look in mind, something different but something different from my previous styles. I came three different looks that I know I would rock when start school.

This first look is for the first day of school, a look that I know I would wear.

This next look is when I hang out with friends, what I would wear.
Also this last look is lounging day when you don't want to dress up but you want to bring a relaxing outfit.
These are the looks that I'm going for during the new semester. This semester will be very interesting and fun and I can't wait. I start school on the 28th of January and I know what will be awaiting for me when I get there. This going to be a great semester. What are you look for the new semester and how would you put your looks together?


Welcome to My Page!

Hey everyone,
this is actually my 4th....I think blog, Don' t judge, I just love to write. But this blog is actually different from my other blogs. Now how I started Preppy Girl in The City was simple. I was had an interest with the preppy lifestyle because I like the style, the patterns and everything else that comes with it. I realize I was getting a lot more interested everything dealing with the preppy lifestyle. Now, I'm just girl from New York City, I went to private school but I also went to public school too....I don't discriminate....also the college that I go to is a public college but it's also one of the best college in the country.
So I call myself "Preppy in Training" because I'm still learning from looking at blogs, getting inspiration from other styles but putting my twist to it because even though I like the preppy lifestyle, I want to be original. So this blog is my journey to My change to maturity and finding my own style in the process.
Within this blog, I want to show things that I like, things that interest me because we all get our style and inspiration from somewhere and that's what I want to do. I do plan on writing a lot on this blog because this is a change for me, I like change.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.
- My name is Tawana A. Charles
- I'm a Junior
- I' m majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology
- I live with my mom and sister....I have a older sister and younger brother.
- I'm from New York City, Brooklyn.
- My favorite colors are Pink, Blue, Red, Black, White, Purple and Green.
- I was born February 26th.
- I'm allergic to shellfish

I think that's all for now, I don't want to give everything away. that's the whole point of my blog getting to know me and getting to know the things that interest me coming along with me through my journey.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and don't be a stranger. Also giving opinions and advice also works to so don't hesitate to shot a line to me.