Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What School Supplies Will You Bring To School?

Hey Everyone,
School is just around the corner and usually some students buy new things for the spring semester. Some use binders while other, like myself, use notebooks like Five Star. The essential things that you need for school are: A planner, A notebook, Pens, Folders and either a laptop or tablet (depends on if your professor don't mind you having it.).
1. Lilly Pulitzer Pen with Highlighter Set - $12
2. Five Star Notebook (1 subject to 5 subject) - $5.00 to $11
3. Lilly Pulitzer 2013 Planner - $16
4. Hello Kitty Pencil Case - $20
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Tablet Book - $98
6. Kindle Fire 7" 8GB - $139 or Kindle Fire HD 16GB - $200
7. iPhone Chevron Case - $35
8. Jack Wills Coselton Pouch -$12
9. Lilly Pulitzer Sparkle Tote -$44

These school essentials will bring some POP to your school semester. If you love color like I do, then these colors will fill you up and keep you focus in school and any extracurricular activities or anything else dealing with your life. What do you bring to school? What is your typical school supplies?

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