Thursday, January 10, 2013

PGTC Music Playlist: My Top 5 Favorite Songs on My iPod

Hey everyone,

Now I'm a big huge fan of music and I don't discriminate when it comes to music. So this week, my iPhone and my Kindle has been calling me all week because of all the great songs I was listening too. So here is my top 5 songs that I was listening to on my iPhone.

1. Cherrywine feat. Amy Winhouse - Nas

2. Feelin' Single - R. Kelly

3. Scream & Shout - & Britney Spears

4. The Lady in My Life - Michael Jackson
and my #5 favorite song is....

5. Adorn (Ted Smooth Remix) - Miguel

These are the songs I been listening to for the past two weeks. Most of them have been on repeat (I'm a chronic music repeater lol!) But if I love the song a lot, I will play it a lot. Especially when I need a stress release, my music is what keeps me grounded even when I'm studying for exams and finals! What is your top 5 favorite songs on your playlist? What songs keeps you grounded when you most need it?



  1. Hi! I love the work you've done so far on your blog! :) thank you also for your welcome message on IFB! i hope you could check out my blog and follow me as well! xx

    Francesca of

  2. Great songs! I wasn't in love with the Britney and song BUT then I heard it in a club and I was hooked.