Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday's Pick of The Day: Origami Owl

I love a nice piece of jewelry whether it's on my neck, on my ear or on my fingers. This piece of jewelry is something that I always wanted for myself because its your life and the things you love in a necklace or bracelet. Origami Owl are custom made jewelry, it's very unique because everyone would have the same things you would have, which makes me more of a beautiful piece to have in your collection. 
Origami Owl was started by Isabella “Bella” Weems when she was 14 years old. For her 16th Birthday, she wanted a car for her birthday, her parents told her she has to work to get her car. She started to do babysitting work and thats when the creation of Origami Owl came to be.
Bella has made Origami Owl into Million Dollar company something she didn't dream that it would be this big. I wouldn't of thought something like that in my mind because it was an amazing idea to come up with a beautiful piece of jewelry like this. 
Even though you can buy it from the actual website itself, there are actual Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, where you have a party to sell different pieces to put into your locket. Also you can also be a hostess and sell the product to friends, family, etc. There are perks to being a Origami Owl Hostess, if you are interested in selling Origami Owl. here's the link: Origami Owl Hostess and any other information you would like to know about the brand, check out Origami Owl
If you own a piece of Origami Owl Jewelry, leave your comments below, I would like to know what you think about it and what's you favorite piece in your locket.


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  1. I am in love with these necklaces! However between college fees and sorority dues I definitely dont have the extra $$ to spend. I found some very nice quality ones online that are imitations!! Via Ebay (i love ebay!) Now i have a cute one with my letters in it : P