Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great News.....*Drum Rolls Please*

Hey Everyone,

So I been trying to do this for the past year if I wanted to start up a brand new YouTube page. I always wanted to start a new one because the old one I had, I had it since I was a sophomore in high school. It was time for a change. So today, I finally made a brand new YouTube called Being Selene (Pretty Cute, right?). I came up with that name based on my personal Instagram page and I felt since I love watching YouTube videos, I might as well make my own. I will be doing my videos from my iPad until I get a better camera (Parents, wink wink) and my post will also be on my blog page too so you guys are able to check out my videos. I am still waiting for my first video to upload (I totally forgot it takes so long to upload!) but when it's finally uploaded I will be posting it on my page. 

Here is a link below to my *NEW* You Tube page! Please Subscribe and also if you have any video requests or suggestions, you can leave them below this blog post or on my YouTube video.

Check out the page and when I have more information about the page I will let everyone know. I do hope this becomes a successful because I know it can happened. I have so much faith in this page.
I hope you all are there to share it with me.


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