Sunday, February 2, 2014

Start Cruisin' for A Cruise

Start Cruisin' on A Cruise

The day you go on a cruise, you have to be prepared but also look fabulous at the same time. When I go on a cruise, my family and I usually come a two days before just to chill in the area before we board the ship. I usually have my onboard cruise clothes already set before I even leave New York because I don't want to mess up my clothes that's in my suitcase and cram my stuff in back in (That's a lot of headache to deal with....seriously!) 
This look above would be the typical look I'll go for when I go on a cruise for the first day. Something comfortable yet cute because you never know if you see a cutie while your waiting in line to be checked always got to be prepared. ;) I love to wear comfortable shoes like TOMS, Converse or a simple pair of Old Navy flip flops always does the work. I wouldn't do flip flops sometimes because while your online getting checked in, the flip flop does get a little uncomfortable and those lines are extremely LONG (If you ever been a cruise, those long lines are MURDER!! lol!!)
TOMS are definitely the way to go, they are cute and comfortable...why wouldn't you want cute shoes on your feet? When I go on vacation no matter where I go, I always have a tote or a book bag because I would bring my laptop with me, snacks for the plane or car ride, my neck pillow, my outfit for when I get on the boat with a pair of shoes(or I would wear the same shoes I was wore when I left NYC ) and I teddy bear because I love having a piece of home with me when I go on vacation. Usually when I have a lot of stuff, I would be bring my Jansport because better to have it on my back but if it's a little bit of stuff, I like to bring a oversize tote bag.
I do wear jewelry, I mean who doesn't wear a pretty pair of jewelry?? I like to wear my Betsy Johnson Rose Gold watch, my gold necklace and my flower earrings, I like to keep it simple and nice. It's always good to wear a minimal jewelry to you don't want to wear too much and look gaudy jewelry, unless you want to stand out then it would work for you. I like to keep it cute and simple, that's the way to go.
My luggage are always colorful and cute but distinctive because you don't want to have the typical solid color luggage I love prints. My recent suitcase that my mom brought me this cute flower print luggage, very pretty and just stands out that why I love it. Suitcases are good to have to no matter the size, either it's a medium or extra large it also depends on how long your going for too. When I go on vacation, a short trip (usually a weekend trip) I usually go with a weekend bag or a small suitcase but when I go on a long trip (like a week or more) I usually use a large suitcase because I like to bring a lot of stuff with me when I go. I like to way out my options when I'm on vacation; each day different outfits for different occasions or just to chill in. It's all about the quality of the suitcase too, you don't want to get a cheap suitcase that will break along the way but a durable piece of luggage like Heavy Duty, good quality, very spacey and also expensive.
So on you next vacation, know that it's always good to have a comfortable look and shoes and know what to pack because you always want to be prepared and always be fabulous doing it.

Preppy Girl in The City

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