Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why I Love: Little Problems


Hey Everyone,
When I love a website or blog page, I'll let it be know to the world how much I love them. To start my mini series, I had to start with Little Problems. Started in May 2012, the creator of LP, Lauren, has made this twitter account into a growing empire. Little Problems focuses on Big and Little Relationships in Sorority Life. I have been a big fan of the twitter page and It also reminds me of the relationship that I have with my Big.
My Big, Priscilla and I. 

Little Problems started as a twitter account, now they are now selling Koozies, Buttons and Decals. The twitter account for Little Problems is still booming having 13,000 followers, Little Problems isn't going nowhere. Come share your love for your Big Sister or Little Sisters on their twitter page, check out LP's website at Little Problems Page you will enjoy it. Their other links (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) are on their website, check it up and keep up to date with Little Problems.


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  1. Soo cute! Im glad im not the only one taller than my Big! :D (Im also older than her but baahh whos counting!)