Thursday, June 27, 2013

College Girl Inc. - Sorority Life (NYC Edition)

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Hey High School/College Girls,
Now I know around this time, school are sending out invites for recruitment for September, trying to find what sorority fits them, on YouTube or doing research on the different sororities at their school. As many of my fabulous readers know, I go to school in Brooklyn and I commute to school. At my school, we have a lot of local sororities and only two national sororities. Every school is very different when it comes to recruiting new members especially at some of the colleges in New York City. My sorority, Sigma Rho Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., was founded in City College of New York, part of the College University of New York (CUNY) and so is my school, Brooklyn College. 
I was able to pledge for my sorority because of being part of the CUNY system, meaning I'm able to come into any of the 30 colleges & universities that are part of CUNY. Hopefully, I'm not confusing anyone...(lol). Now I know colleges outside of NYC is very different, to my opinion, I've watching YouTube videos on how the Rush process goes. From my personal views, how Rush is done is, they have Informational (Which is a brief synopsis of the sorority and what they do, etc.), after they do that they have Rush Events (either an outing, mixers with other sororities or fraternities, potlucks, etc.) With the local sorority you have to come to at least a certain amount of events (like 4 or 5 events plus 1 informational) and if you are what they are looking for, then you are giving a bid. 
I know in some schools, they have either a formal rush or an informal rush, in my school, it's more of an informal rush than a formal. The only time you have to dress in business attire is during informational, every other event, you wear casual clothes. Everyone's rush is different from each other especially in New York City, different colleges have Rush a differently than other sororities.

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Happy Summer,

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  1. Wow this is really a different process from ours here in the south (La) I just discovered your blog and I love reading about other girls sorority expierences!