Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dr, Tawana Speaks...About Relationships & Love

Relationships is a part of a person's life. From the first crush, to the first kiss, to the actually relationship. Being in a relationship does have it's perks and you find that special person to complete you. But not all relationships have a happy ending, you do have breakups, hard ache but like my mom always says "There are other fishes in the sea. You don't have to end the road at one person." 
When you are in a relationship, it's like the happiest day in you life. Within your relationship, you think no one else is in the world but you and the person your with, that's what I usually call the "unofficial honeymoon" stage. Where you always together, hanging out chilling with your friends, going to out and having the best time in the world. 
Until the drama starts, either he/she is cheating or they are becoming very distant, there is trouble in paradise and it needs to be fix. In all relationships, there is always a slight drama, argument, or even a fight. 
Sometimes, it does end up in breaking up because the relationship just got too intense for words. This is what I call "Trouble in Paradise" stage, there is always drama or problems. I always say, no relationship is perfect, I don't care if you are the happiest people in the world, you have fights and drama. But if you love the person, It's good to work it out, don't give up on love because if you know that you can work it out, WORK IT OUT! 
Relationships has it's ups and downs, but if you know that there can be any way to fix the relationship, that's what you have to do to make the relationship work. Love one another and keep the relationship going.

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