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Guest Blog Post from A Greek Concept: How to Plan a Memorable, Budget-Friendly Trip with Your Sorority Sisters

I haven't done a guest post in a while and I was happy to be contact by Adrienne St. Laurent from A Greek Concept on how to plan a trip with your sorority sisters on a budget. Something that I'm actually planning with my sorority sisters soon and I can't wait but this can also work for you and your sisters also. If your also interested in doing a guest post, don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy.

How to Plan a Memorable, Budget-Friendly Trip with Your Sorority Sisters

Taking trips together is one of the most fun ways to get to know your Sorority sisters super well! Whether it’s just a few of you gallivanting around together, or it’s a whole slew of girls from your sorority, trips build memories that help strengthen bonds to a whole new level! Don’t go through college without jetting off somewhere with your closest gal-pals – you’d regret it! So grab your bags and get planning!

That being said, there is a lot to consider in how to plan a memorable, budget-friendly trip with your sorority sisters. Prepping for a major extravaganza can cause tensions to rise and opinions to be voiced louder than normal. You’ll need to make sure a couple of things are in order before you plan the details – otherwise you’re asking for a major disaster.

       Things to Consider
As you’re tossing around the idea of where to go/what to do, make sure you consider the following:
        Someplace close
        Look for Livingsocial deals / Groupons
        Driving instead of flying
        Family-owned vacation homes
If you wait ‘til the last minute to discuss these options, it can cause some major kinks in budgeting. When it comes to places close around you [like the Michigan Dunes if you’re going to school in a surrounding state], add the costs of gas + rental place + meals and weigh that against an all-inclusive cruise. Chances are you will save by going someplace more local. If you choose to go somewhere more domestic, toss out the question of whether you should drive or fly. Although either creates memories, traveling in a car/s gives you ample opportunity to get to know your sisters.

These sites offer FANTASTIC trips for nearly half the cost of what the vacay would normally cost [they even have places like Europe and the Caribbean!]. Your parents or relatives might even be able to help out if they have a vacation home somewhere exotic [or even in the mountains]!

Things to Plan
Cutting back on expenses once you’ve decided where to go doesn’t have to squash your memory-making! The simplest way to save some bucks is to stick to the plan. It’s mega tempting to keep adding and expanding the holiday, but it only adds cost to whatever fabulous ideas you already have.

Using your parents’ miles/points massively cuts costs! Maybe your dad/mom is a big traveler and racks up points like nobody’s business – why ask for some of them for your trip as a birthday or Christmas gift! You might be surprised by their response.

We also suggest saving on meals while you’re there by opting for a few nights of cooking in!

The plus of this = cooking together helps you make memories you’ll be reminiscing for years to come.

 Every night of the trip doesn’t need to be wild – wild also adds up! So, kick back and relax instead with a Hunger Games movie marathon or another of the classics.

You can rent these from your local library at home and take with you to help cut back on additional day costs from RedBox.

Happy vacation planning!

Amy Furrow is the owner of A Greek Concept an online retailer of licensed Greek merchandise. She’s got drive, heart, and passion – something Greek life is all about. From Sorority picture frames, tote bags, and jewelry, as well as Fraternity coolers, glassware, and travel accessories; A Greek Concept is filled to the brim with options for every Sorority sister or Fraternity brother. 

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  1. These are some very good tips! Will save you a lot of drama if they are considered in advance of the trip rather than last minute.

    Thrifting Diva