Friday, January 31, 2014

App Blitz: GoGreekPro Stickers by HappyMonkeyApps

Now if anyone doesn't know, I am in a sorority and I love anything Greek and cute. I actually came across this app on Instagram and I was giving the honor to tested out the app, basically give my reviews on the app. I just couldn't pass up that opportunity, so I was able to check out GoGreekPro. 
Checking out GoGreekPro, I liked it off the first bat. As you know, Spring Rush is here and of course, my sorority have already started Rush and I came made a cute. 
This what I made with GoGreekPro and I love it, it's cute and something different than what i'm use to seeing while I promote for Spring Rush. Of course, I have a some Pros and Cons about the App itself, nothing negative just giving my 100% opinion on the app.

Pros: GoGreekPro have different features that makes the app very unique and fun. Different colors for the letters and also different stickers that shows for College life and Greek Life. You can take plain Greek photo, and add these cute stickers to make to cute and fun. 
Cons: The only problem I have with the stickers is I wish there was some more colors for the Greek letters, not only patterns but also but also solid colors. Also with the stickers, they should add more mascots to the stickers so more people can be able to put their org's mascot on their picture. I know that I want to be able to show my mascots (The Swan or Aphrodite) on my pictures but I'm unable to. 

Other than that, I really enjoy the app and I already know some of my friends who actually got the app and they enjoy it also. I can't to see what the future holds for HappyMonkeyApps because I know it will be great. Love the App!!

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