Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wow! It's been so long!! I Miss You All :)

Hey Everyone,

Oh! I feel like a bad blogger, it's been a month since I wrote my last post. I been doing so much in the month so I been so busy. Well, there are some updates, I quit my job and I'm taking a year off from school to try the working field. My family is going on our 4th cruise in October which I'm extra excited about so my next posts with be revolving around shopping for a cruise, what to pack for a cruise, and things to do before, during and after being on a cruise. Oh, I can't wait!!

Now that I got some time on my hands now, I will have time to write more post for my blog, so I will be writing more (Excited. com!!) So be on the look at for some new posts in the future. And as always: Add me on Instagram, My bloglovin', Twitter, IFB, Pinterest and Polyvore all on my page.

Also if you have a topic that you want me to discuss or fashion looks that you want me to do, write at the bottom of this post and I will definitely do a post about it, I want to hear what you would like to see on my blog. Thank you all for being here supporting my blog.


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