Friday, February 22, 2013

PGTC Cruise Series: Cruise Fun Day 1: Chill Day

Hey Everyone,

Since my family been getting excited about going on our fourth cruise to the Caribbean, you know I'm already excited about it. When you go on a cruise with my family expect a good time because we have lots of fun. This year's cruise is also going to be great because this is the first time my dad and my older sister will be attending the festivities (So excited!! Family Photo! :) )  So since I know I'm already on the boat, it time to start planning things to do and things to wear for my 8 day cruise on the Carnival Cruise Ships. If you been on a cruise or this is your first time going on a cruise, you have to know what countries you going to and what part of the world you going to be at. Either your going to be in warm climate or cold climate so of course, you have to dress for where your going. Today, I'm starting with Day 1: Chill Day, the reason why I started with a chill day because this is the first day of the cruise, when your getting ready to aboard the ship and you just chilling, exploring the boat, trying out the food loving the view and chilling with family. I came up with a chill day look for your first day on the cruise, loose but comfortable. 
Cruise Fun Day 1: Chill Day
These outfits are the usually things I would wear my first day on the cruise because the day before, your staying in a hotel close to the cruise port, that's what we did when we left from Miami and Puerto Rico, you got to be a the cruise early because it's not only you, there are other people there so there is a long wait to get on the boat. You have to be comfortable while your there because the heat wherever you go (except if your going to a cold climate) you have to dress with the comfort of the weather. Once your on the cruise ship, you find your rooms, wait for your suitcases to come to your room, but that takes some time so you just look for your other family members see where they are and then explore the boat get use to the fact that your going to be staying there for how many days your on the cruise ship for.
Have you ever been on a cruise? If you did, where did you go? Did you like it? What was the typical things that you did on the cruise? I would love to hear about your experiences being on the cruise. Be on the look for the next cruise post.

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