Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My New Years Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Years Eve,
Eight more hours until we say goodbye to 2014, and hello how you doing to 2015. We all have New Years Resolutions, something we have and we do or do not stick to or the very clique "New Year New Me" bit which I HATE!! I'm sorry no one changes once a New Year starts, it just doesn't happen like that. 
Even though people have resolutions that are near to impossible to keep, I have resolutions that I hope to stick and possibly come true for the 2015.

Here are my Resolutions:
1. To be more patient. I feel I don't have enough patience and I really need to have more patience in my life.
2. To be a bette Me...cherish those around me..the positive people in my life. Don't let negativity cloud me.
3. To live life to the fullest because life is such a precious thing and we only have one life to live...we might as well live it up and celebrate life. (This one is dedicated to the people I lost in my life...I just recently lost my other aunt and I know that life will pass you if you don't have nothing to show for it and I want to do more in my life. I want to be remembered and I want to enjoy life while I'm still here.)
4. To find someone who cares and respects me. Someone who is not negative and don't know what they want out of life. I want a positive man in my life, who will treat me like the goddess that I am because I just won't settle for less. I want that special man in my life. 
5. I want to be more focus on getting to the promise land, finally graduating from college and finally going for my Masters. I want to know that I never gave up in what I wanted to do in my have to go through bumpy roads before you head through some clear roads.
6. I want to be more proactive in the home...right now I'm not working but helping out in the house is close to working until I get a permanent job. I feel like I don't do much in the home I should really do. Just helping my mom when she need it because she ain't getting any younger. 
7. To find a permanent job. The job market in New York City is crazy and honestly I don't know why I'm hoping that I will find a job preferable somewhere in the field of what I went to college for or similar to what I do.
8. Not having negative people in my life because I dealt with a lot of negativity in my life and honestly I don't want negative people in my life. I don't want anyone killing my vibe. Im a positive person and I want to stay like that. 
9. Getting my closer with God, I feel like we are close but we ain't close enough I really don't to be on a one on one level with Him. 
10. To have the BEST 2015 EVER!! My birthday is in 57 days...I'm turning 27!! I can't wait! I want to see what 2015 will bring to me and those close to me!!

Those are my resolutions for 2015. I hope you all have made your resolutions for the New Year and I hope you stick to them, I know I will...I hope! lol!

I hope everyone have fun and be safe for the New Year and don't drink and drive and don't get into a care with a drunk person. Be cautious and be safe. Don't start the New Year on a bad note.

Cheers to The New Year,

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