Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014
As you all know the holiday season is finally here and of course, it's that time of the year where I show my Christmas Wishlist (Things I hope to get and even suggestions that you can give to yourself or a siblings.) These are the gifts I really wanted and hope to get this year. I actually just brought a pair of Ugg Boots but the navy blue Ugg is such a classic look. I just brought my first pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas in Velvet Black and I'm tempted to buying them in Taupe because that color goes with everything. Tommy Hilfiger is such a classic company whether it's clothes or bedding. I just brought a beautiful bedding from Tommy Hilfiger and I'm so tempted to buy anyone because they are just so comfy. 
I finally brought myself a black Longchamp bag!! (Yay!!) One of the best investment I ever brought for myself. It's heavy duty and so reliable. I really hope I can invested in another Longchamp bag. The Canon Eos Ti5 is such an amazing camera but extremely expensive camera but I hope I can get this for christmas  (wink wink parents!! lol!!) The PlayStation 4, I've always been a gamer girl but when the PS4 came out, I wasn't that hype to get it because my PS3 was doing the job just fine. But now, It's time for a change of scenery and a PS4 is the way to go. Though some of the games that I want for the PS4 isn't out yet, there's nothing wrong with getting a new gaming system.

I hope you enjoy my Wishlist and hopefully it gives you some ideas on getting gifts for family and friends.

What is on your Wishlist? What are you excited about this holiday season?


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