Tuesday, October 21, 2014

College Girl Inc.: What to Choose? MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

I'm so excited to finally get a new laptop and not just any laptop but a MacBook. I've always wanted a Mac laptop but my parents wouldn't spend $1000 for a laptop, that have more important things that they need, which I don't blame them. I brought my first two laptop on my own and I'm happy to finally get a new laptop. My older laptop, which is a HP Privillion, is a good laptop but it's been slowing like crazy and giving me problems, so I finally made the executive decision to buy myself a brand new laptop and I'm happy to be getting a new one. 
The only problem is I cannot choose between the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air they are both cute and usable. So I'm coming to you all, my readers, if you have either a MacBook Pro or Air which one is the better choice, I have I eyes set on one Macbook and I won't share which one until I get my laptop next week, when you finally see which one I pick.
I want to hear your views about these two, if you own either of them. Trust me, your honest opinion will really help me for when I choose my laptop.

I can't wait to read your views on the MacBook Pro and Air.

Happy Fall,


  1. I have the MacBook Pro and I absolutely love it! While it is bigger than the Air (and heavier) one of the reasons I picked the Pro was because it came with a CDrom drive. Because I got the Pro I can still watch all my favorite DVDs even though I don't have a TV at school. I would def check out the comparison that Apple has listed on their website, too! Good luck picking! And welcome to the MacBook fam!


    1. Thank you. I was really looking at the similarities of both the Pro and the Air and honestly the Pro just keeps calling me (lol.) I was thinking about the Air but most some of my movies and TV shows that I have are not online and I want to watch them on my laptop, I don't want to go to the hassle of trying to buy a CD-ROM attachment for it.

      P.S. I'm following you on instagram :) Thanks for your advice!!

  2. I have a MacBook Pro...no disk drive Buy the best computer you can for your budget. You may not need everything now, but you have it if you need it. Macs last forever and it's an investment...get the most you can for your dollar. Not once have I missed a cd drive. Good luck!


  3. I have an older MacBookPro and I use an Air at work, both 13".

    Which one to choose depends on what you use your computer for!

    If you just surf the Internet and write and you move around a lot the Air is best.

    But if you use more processing power, if you're a gamer or edit photos and videos often and mobility isn't as important the a Pro (or a desktop even) would be better.

    Also, like Hayden mentions there is no optical disk drive on the Air so that can be a pain. You can buy a cheap external one to keep around just in case. I had a netbook without an optical drive and I bought an external disk drive and hardly ever used it. I did though have another computer with one so I played games and things on that computer.

    Both can have solid state drives, though they are standard on the Air, which I like better for things that move around since there are no moving parts in the hard drive to get dislodged when you drop your bag.

    If I were getting a new computer today I'd get an Air since I hardly ever use the CD drive on my computer and I pretty much only use my computer to get to the Internet.