Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PGTC Book Review: Confessions of a Sucker for Love

Now I'm not one to read about relationships, but this book really spoke to me. Confessions of a Sucker for Love By Stanley Fritz (Friend of mines) speaks about trying to find that perfect girl. Reading this book made me think about my past experiences that I had in my life when it came to the boys I dated, it's an eye opener and a real page turner. We have all been there one time in our lives, thinking we find the right person and that fairytale became a really bad nightmare.
There was a particular story in the book (not gonna spoil it for you guys) That author speaks about one of his ex girlfriend in high school and the things she did....im not gonna tell you what happened you just have to read the book. Certain stories are based on true stories and some pieces are works of fiction but it really does keeps you interested and wanted more. 
Confessions is the type of book that would have you think of the men or woman you've dated and make your second guess why you are no longer with them because that how I was thinking when I was reading it. I just couldn't put it down, a must read book. 

Interested in reading Confession of a Sucker for Love?
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I hope you all enjoy the book and when you do read please comment below on your thoughts on the book.

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Disclaimer: This book review was a 100% personal opinion about the author's book, I'm not sponsor to write a good review. This is my HONEST opinion.

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