Friday, March 8, 2013

What's on my iPhone & What I use to edit my Instagram Pictures?

Hey Everyone,
I been watching my favorite YouTube beauty gurus doing a "What's on my iPhone & What I edit my pictures on instagram?" Now I don't have a YouTube, i'm making on soon though but in the meantime, I did a "What's on my iPhone? Instagram Edition. These are some of the apps that I have on my iPhone, some of the apps were cut out. But the apps that were cut out are my apps I used to jailbreak my iPhone so it wasn't that important. 

These are the apps that I use for editing my instagram pictures or my pictures I put on my Twitter or Facebook. 
1. A+ Signature (is what you put to do a watermark on your pictures so no one would credit them as their picture. It's a free app but if you want the Pro edition is a paid app.)
2. Afterglow (is what you add filters or lights to your picture. Paid App.)
3. Bokehful (is what you use to put cute hearts, like the picture above, and other cute light stamps. Paid App.)
4. iMadeFace (is a cute app where you can make a cartoon picture of yourself, very fun. Free App.)
5. JusGramm (is what you use to make do writings that I put on instagram.)
6. Labelbox (is what you use to put labels on your pictures. It's a free app but if you what to get new labels, it cost $0.99.)
7. Over (Amazing app, is what you use to put writings on your picture, as seen above, and put your own little style to the picture. This is a paid app.)
8. Picfx (is another filter app which I also use for the lights filters more than I use the filters itself. Paid App.)
9. SplitCam (is when you take a picture one side and you take a picture on the other side and it comes as a split. It's a free app but if you want the extra features, you have to paid for the Pro app.)
10. SquareReady (is what you use when a picture you have don't fit the instagram box, SquareReady makes it able to fit on the instagram box. It's a free app.)
11. Tapfx (is what you use when you put light effects on your pictures. it's a free app.)
12. Pic Stitch (is what you use if you want to make a collage or even do a split effect with a picture. It's a free app but it you want to more picture frames, it's $0.99.

These are the apps I use when I make my pictures on instagram. Check them out if you haven't already. To make your picture stand out and look fabulous of course. What apps you use to edit your pictures on instagram? What are your favorite apps? If you have an app that I didn't have, what editing app would you recommend?


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